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Airbnb for Work

What began as “business travel” transformed into Airbnb’s first B2B offering and fastest growing new business.

Airbnb, 2018
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Google Cloud

As one of Google’s most important strategic plays, Google Cloud needed a way to uniquely position itself amongst the competition.

Google, 2019
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Westfield Express Parking

Westfield’s second largest revenue generator was parking, but they’d never had a direct relationship with the consumer — until now.

frog, 2013
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Verizon Messaging

In an effort to transform their business from telco to technology giant, Verizon took a stab at building their own messaging products in-house, from scratch.

frog, 2015
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Dolby Soundbar

In a play to pivot toward serving the consumer directly, Dolby explored physical products and digital companion apps beginning with a soundbar.

frog, 2014
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Chase Mobile Banking

The time was ripe for major updates to Chase’s mobile and tablet experiences. Unfortunately, organizational challenges got in the way.

frog, 2012
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GE Digital Pathology

When moving from physical slides and microscopes to digital scanners and screens, GE was wise to begin the process with research and design.

carnegie mellon, 2008
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