Chase Mobile Banking

Principal designer
frog, 2012

Mobile banking had arrived.

It was 2012 and Chase was in a position to continue leading the internet banking revolution, with the competition trailing on the web far behind Chase’s recently updated website.

We began our 2 year effort with broad and deep qualitative ethnographic research and a massive survey study. The goal was to not only discover unmet needs, but to create financial archetypes that the company could leverage for years to come.

Next up was design. Every interaction, every use case, the visual language, extending the brand colors — everything — was considered as we designed the mobile and tablet banking experiences.

Unfortunately, organizational challenges got in the way.

We had begun building the apps when we got word that the leadership team we had worked so closely with was being replaced with a new one. This new leadership team would go on to scrap everything we had done — except for the archetypes! — and restart the design process from scratch.

I led research, strategy, design, and the client engagement.

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