Westfield Express Parking

creative director
frog, 2013

Westfield’s second largest revenue generator is parking, but until 2013 they had no direct relationship with those people who parked in their structures and shopped at their malls.

That’s when this happened.

Westfield ran a pilot of a new parking service they called Express Parking. In this pilot, select customers were given a special RFID badge to place on their windshield. With this badge they could instantly open the barrier gates and automatically charge their credit card each time they entered and exited the parking structure.

This was only the beginning of how Westfield would go on to connect directly with the consumer, offering additional services and ultimately understanding them more through collecting data.

My team audited the pilot program, redesigned the service experience end-to-end, and built the mobile and web touchpoints that enable signup and account management.

I led research, design, strategy, and the client engagement.

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